A Dedication to the Father of Steel Pans in Schools

On Monday, we said goodbye to a steel pan legend. Throughout the day, Gerald Forsyth’s loved ones celebrated his life during his funeral and what better way to commemorate this, than to dedicate a blog post to the father of steel pan music in schools? The late Gerald Forsyth made an unforgettable lasting impact on [...]

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8 Reasons why Notting Hill’s Carnival beats Trinidad’s

As a London-born professional steel pan player lucky enough to have experienced many a carnival, both in London and in my father’s homeland of Trinidad, I would hope people think I’m well qualified to make a comparison of the Trinidad Carnival – an event which originated in the 18th century – with the Notting Hill [...]

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Amabutho: An introduction

. South African Zulu acapella group, Amabutho, is UK- based and is Britain’s best known Isicathamiya (a cappella) ensemble. Most recently featured in the 2013 nationwide Rice Krispies advertisement, Amabutho was founded in 1974 and named as a tribute to the 1973 debut album by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the now world-famous Isicathamiya group whose haunting [...]

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Sterling Betancourt MBE – a pan roun’ neck legend

Vintage Steel pan roun' neck 1953

Sterling Betancourt (pictured far right) is launching a calypso about TASPO that he’s written (which the ever-popular Crazy has contributed the vocals to) at the Trinidad High Commission in London on March 26th 2013. The man is an octogenarian, but amazingly still has a lot of the energy he first brought to this country when he [...]

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Limin’, jammin’ an’ talkin’ shit

Castro gone through. Gerald Irish, best known by all of us as Castro, passed away last night. This will come as very sad news indeed to all those who knew him and those who knew him in the pan world will be hurting this morning. Because Castro was a ‘character’ and so damn unique. Playing [...]

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